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Do you have an idea
that can change the energy sector and help our planet? 

Great! So, what's your next step? Finding an angel investor?

Well, if you really want to translate your great idea into reality, you need space to develop it, test it, change it, modify it, share it, add substance, join forces, consult with mentors, apply real data, prove your concept and never give up.

Battery systems
Energy analytics and predictive methods
Energy flexibility including demand-side management
Blockchain and IT apps for the energy sector 
Renewable sources


So far so good? Great. Jump on board!

What you get

We can provide you with data, work space, customer portfolios. Pretty much anything you ask for. 

Working hours

Sit with us one day a week for a year, or every working hour for a month. As long as it takes to get your project up and running. 

Your experience

Whether  you are a ltd company, group of students or a start-up, your ideas are safe with us. We will sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property and our customer data.

“There are a lot of great and talented people with amazing ideas that can easily find funding. What is missing though, are reliable partners that have extensive know-how, can react quickly and want to support start-ups. We are here to provide innovators with mentoring and real practical experience to make their project become reality and have a positive impact on our planet.”
Stanislav Chvala, CEO Nano Energies


Because the Earth
is worth it.

Nano Labs is a physical and virtual space for developing projects that can change the way we use and distribute energy. Here, impact investing does not just mean  financing. Based on practical experience and real-life data, we provide our mentees with feedback, testing and consulting. 

Nano Labs was founded by Nano Energies, an energy company that has been trading electricity efficiently and sustainably since 2008 with the aim of bringing more freedom to businesses and consumers. We have been operating  on the energy market for more than 10 years, but we are still restless and always looking for new opportunities.


Already cooking at Nano Labs 

Predict the weather, smarten up battery storage, charge e-cars, mine cryptocurrencies, share energy with your neighbours. Some of these ideas are already developing in Nano Labs! Take a look!

Sustainable cryptomining

Distributed, decentralized, democratic. That is why so many of us love to use cryptocurrencies. However, the rise of crypto comes with the increased demand for energy use. Energy that usually comes from unsustainable, inflexible, central sources. That is why we decided to mine cryptocurrencies the same way we use it. In distributed, decentralized and democratic way. 

In Nano Labs, we are finding ways to mine cryptocurrencies only during those hours of the day, when there is more energy in the electric grid than what consumers actually use. That way we only mine cryptocurrencies with excess power that has already been produced, so there is no need to use fossil-fuel powered stations.

Peer-to-peer energy sharing

Who made my energy? Already we started asking who made my clothes to ensure fair working conditions in garment factories. Is energy any different? To ensure fair living conditions for the planet, we should start asking who made my energy. And that is what this project is all about.

There are thousands of producers of clean local energy in Czechia and millions of consumers eager to use their power to heat their homes, power their kettles, switch on their lights. Pick your preferred energy source, producer, or a location and check in the app to see where your energy came from every single hour of the year. We want to give you a voice to tell the world that clean local energy sources are the preferred option of Czech citizens.


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